Best-Sellers Initially Rejected

Some of the biggest errors of judgement in publishing history

Famous Rejection Letters

The actual letters sent by industry professionals

Definition & Etymology

The meaning and history of literary rejection

Quotes About Rejection

A diverse collection to inspire all


The internet success of one blog post about rejections, initiated a desire to build on its encouraging revelations by encompassing the full breadth of social media to create an online hub of support for writers.


Welcome to a website helping writers persevere through rejection, using advice articles, exclusive interviews, their stories of rejection, an extensive agency database, and inspirational quotes.


An evolving database of the latest submission polices for over 285 literary agencies throughout the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Israel and Brazil. Additional countries will be added soon.


Stories of Rejection

The website is always looking for new voices to add to this expanding reference tool for writers.

Use the e-mail address provided in the contact form to submit your own personal story of writing rejection.

To ensure everyone's request is considered properly, please allow a maximum of 7 days for a response.


Rejection is Universal

Since the website was launched it has generated huge interest throughout the publishing industry and beyond:

Literary Rejections is now read in 135 countries around the world and has had over 25 million web hits since going live.

Read by writers, agents, publishers actors, presenters, musicians, journalists and athletes proves that rejection is universal.


Pay Your Dues Not Us

The vast majority of writers do not actually earn a sustainable income from their writing. Therefore:

We do not charge an access fee or a subscription for any section of the site, including the agency database.

The content is made available at no cost, because writers should not be exploited, they should be helped.

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