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Canada Literary Agencies

There are only around 30 literary agencies within the 3.8 million sq. miles of Canada. Therefore attracting their attention can be considerably challenging for a writer. So it is no wonder that nearly 10% of published Canadian authors do not actually have a literary agent representing them at all.

There was a tendency for Canadian writers to approach literary agencies in the US instead. But the internet age has made this an option rather than a necessity. A literary agent understands the publishing marketplace, whether it be in their country, or another. Through conferences, international meetings, and liaising with sub-agents in other countries, a Canadian literary agent can bring the work of their clients to a worldwide readership. Some now even take on clients who live outside of Canada and the US.

Surprisingly, many agencies do not list their Twitter accounts on their websites. So after a thorough search of Twitter, their accounts are now included in this list. Where they do not have a main agency account, the individual accounts of their literary agents are provided instead. However, please do not pitch submissions via Twitter. Always stick to the individual requirements of the agency.

If you are unsure of any of the genre and sub-genre categories, a guide to the definitions can be found here.

These Canada literary agencies were compiled by visiting each of their websites, to ensure the very latest submission policies are detailed below. Unless otherwise indicated, these literary agencies are based in Toronto.

To view their website, send them an e-mail, or follow them on Twitter, simply click on the relevant links provided.


Rick Broadhead & Associates Literary & Media Agents

Genres: Fiction | Non-Fiction | History | Politics | Business | Natural History | Environment | Current Affairs | Humor | Self-Help | National Security & Intelligence | Biography | Science | Popular Culture | Science | Health | Medicine | Military History

E-mail submissions only (Non-Fiction): submissions@rbaliterary.com

Address letter to sole agent:

Rick Broadhead

Query letter only. Within the body of an e-mail. No attachments will be opened.

Fiction: closed


The Bukowski Agency

Genres: Literary Fiction | Non-Fiction

Does not accept: Children’s Books, Genre Fiction, or Poetry.

Postal submissions only: Non-Fiction | The Bukowski Agency, 14 Prince Arthur Avenue, Suite 202, Toronto, ON M5R 1A9

Non-Fiction: Query letter, a proposal, sample chapter, and an SASE. For further details see their proposal guideline.

Address letter to sole agent:

Denise Bukowski

Fiction: Referral only.

Writers must be a resident of Canada to submit.

The agency request exclusivity for 6 weeks for all submissions.

Twitter: @BukowskiD


The Cooke Agency

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Science-Fiction | Fantasy | Children’s Books | Non-Fiction | Popular Culture | Science | History | Politics

E-mail submissions only: Send to Elizabeth Griffin | egriffin@cookeagency.ca

Put in subject heading ‘Author Query’ and the ‘Name of Preferred Agent.’

Dean Cooke: Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction | Mysteries & Thrillers | Horror | Non-Fiction | History | Popular Culture | Business | Sports | Science

Sally Harding: Commercial Fiction | Science-Fiction | Crime Fiction | Children’s Books | Middle Grade | YA | Non-Fiction

Suzanne Brandreth: Commercial Fiction | Thrillers | Family Sagas | Non-Fiction | Self-Help | Memoirs | Science | Psychology

Ron Eckel: Commercial Fiction | Thriller | Horror | SFF | Non-Fiction | Popular Culture | Music | Social Sciences

Rachel Letofsky: YA | New Adult | Non-Fiction

Query letter, brief bio, history of the project, and the first 4 pages. All within the body of an e-mail.

Welcomes International clients, and currently represents writers from Canada, US, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Twitter: @TheCookeAgency  Literary Agents Ron Eckel @roneckel  Sally Harding @SallyHardingTCA  Dean Cooke @DLCooke  Rachel Letofsky @rachelletofsky  Suzanne Brandreth @SuBrandreth


Donaghy Literary Group

The agency is based in Aurora, Ontario.

Genres: Commercial Fiction | Romance | New Adult | YA | Non-Fiction

Email submissions only: query@donaghyliterary.com

Address to one agent only:

Stacey Donaghy: Romantic Suspense | Mystery | Contemporary Romance | Historical Romance | Urban Fantasy | Thrillers | Erotica | New Adult | YA | Non-Fiction | Popular Culture | Biography

Valerie Noble: New Adult | YA

Liis McKinstry: New Adult | YA

Put ‘Query: Book Title, Genre’ in the subject heading.

Query letter, synopsis, and the first 10 pages. All within the body of an e-mail. No attachments will be opened.

Twitter: @DonaghyLiterary  Literary agents Liis McKinstry @lmckinstry  Valerie Noble @NobleValerie


The Helen Heller Agency

Genres: Fiction | YA | Non-Fiction

E-mail submissions only: Using online form and drop-downs for genre specifics.

Address to only one agent:

Helen Heller: Crime-Fiction | Commercial Fiction | direct form

Daphne Hart: Non-Fiction | direct form

Sarah Heller: YA | Historical Fiction | Commercial Fiction | direct form

Twitter: Literary agents Sarah Heller @sarahlouise


Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd (amcd) 

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Children’s Books | YA | Non-Fiction | Memoir | Biography | History | Travel | Science | Lifestyle | Popular Culture

Postal submissions: Anne McDermid & Associates Ltd, 64 Bloem Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6E 1S1

E-mail submissions: info@mcdermidagency.com

Put in subject heading ‘Query’ and the ‘Name of Preferred Agent.’

Anne McDermid: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Non-Fiction | History | Biography | Science | Memoir | Travel

Monica Pacheco: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Science-Fiction | Horror | Fantasy | YA | Middle Grade | Non-Fiction | Pets

Query letter, and the first 5 pages. An SASE if mailing, or within the body of an e-mail if an electronic query.

Twitter: Literary agents Martha Webb @MarthaMWebb  Chris Bucci @CBucci_bookman  Monica Pacheco @monicapacheco


P.S. Literary Agency

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Romance | Women’s Fiction | World Literature | YA | Middle Grade | Picture Books | Mysteries & Thrillers | Non-Fiction | Business | History | Politics | Current Affairs | Health | Pop Science/Psychology | Memoir

E-mail submissions only: query@psliterary.com

Put in subject heading the ‘Name of Preferred Agent.’

Curtis Russell: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance | Mysteries & Thrillers | Middle Grade | YA | Non-Fiction | Business | History | Politics | Current Affairs | Memoir | Health & Wellness | Science | Psychology

Carly Watters: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | World Literature | Women’s Fiction | Thrillers | YA | Picture Books | Non-Fiction | Health & Wellness | Science | Psychology

Maria Vicente: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | New Adult | Middle Grade | YA | Non-Fiction | Popular Culture | Design | Popular Psychology | Lifestyle

Query letter only (in the body of an e-mail). If interested they will request sample chapters within 4-6 weeks.

The agency also has an office in New York.

Twitter: @PSLiterary


Beverley Slopen Literary Agency

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Non-Fiction | History | Anthropology | Biography | True Crime | Self-Help

E-mail submissions only: beverley@slopenagency.ca

Address letter to sole agent:

Bevereley Slopen

Query letter, and 2-3 pages. All within the body of an e-mail.

Twitter: @slopenagency


The Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | YA | Non-Fiction | Science | Nature | History | Travel | Politics | Popular Culture | Food | Lifestyle | Parenting | Memoir

Does not accept: Science-Fiction, Children’s Picture Books, or Poetry.

Postal submissions: The Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency Ltd, PO Box 39588, RPO White Rock, Surrey, BC Canada, V4A 0A9

E-mail submissions: reception@swayzeagency.com

Addressed to one agent only:

Carolyn Swayze: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | YA | Non-Fiction | Canadian History | Memoir | Humour | Cookery

Barry Jones: Non-Fiction | Military History

Kris Rothstein: Literary Fiction | YA | Non-Fiction History

Fiction: Query letter, synopsis, the first 10 pages. An SASE if mailing, or within the body of an e-mail if an electronic query.

Non-Fiction: Query letter, and a proposal. An SASE if mailing, or within the body of an e-mail if an electronic query.


Transatlantic Literary Agency, Inc.

Genres: Fiction | Children’s Books | YA | Middle Grade | Non-Fiction

E-mail submissions only: Agent specified.

Marie Campbell: Children’s Books | Middle Grade | marie@transatlanticagency.com

Query letter only. Will request more materials if interested.

Samantha Haywood: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Historical Fiction | Thrillers | Women’s Fiction | Non-Fiction | Graphic Novels | samantha@transatlanticagency.com

Query letter, and the first 20 pages.

Agents accepting by referral only:

Andrea Cascardi: YA | Middle Grade | Illustrators

Shaun Bradley: Fiction | Non-Fiction

Twitter: @TransLitAgency


Westwood Creative Artists

Genres: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Mysteries & Thrillers | Non-Fiction | Memoir | History | Biography | Biography | Science | Current Events

E-mail submissions only: wca_office@wcaltd.com

Put ‘Query’ in subject heading and ‘Name of Preferred Agent.’

Only two agents currently accepting:

Carolyn Forde: Literary Fiction | Commercial Fiction | Non-Fiction | Popular Culture | Humor

Hilary McMahon: Fiction | Children’s Books | Non-Fiction

Query letter, synopsis, and the first 10 pages. All within the body of an e-mail. No attachments will be opened.

The largest literary agency in Canada.

Twitter: Literary agents Carolyn Forde @Cforde_litagent

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